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re: New WoD Raid Team


SIA will be looking for more members for our core progression raid team for the upcoming expansion. If you would like to raid with us please contact Downwînd in game, "The î in Downwînd is - Alt 140" or send an application on the site here.

Anyone who would like to be considered for the core team these are the requirements you must meet to start raiding with us in WoD:


  • Level up "obviously this should go with out saying but raids are for max lvl toons so please be lvl 100 asap"
  • Know your class, please do not just boost a toon level it up and then expect to be a progression raider.
  • Have some knowledge of the the raid fights. You are not expected to know every single mechanic to every single boss in the raid. But you SHOULD know at least the basic fight layout and way to do the fight, this can easily be learned by watching a Fatboss video, or even doing lfr and paying attention, or reading the dungeon journal. Basicly you should know what something is if your told to avoid it.
  • Have raid worthy gear, do dungeons/lfr, get gems, get enchantments....
  • Have a STABLE internet connection. Technical difficulties happen, but they shouldn't be happening every day. If you have a lot of disconnects or freezes or lags or anything that will hinder your performance in a raid please FIX IT BEFORE THE RAID!
  • Come with a good attitude, we are here to have fun. Leave your work, drama, bs, and anything else outside of the raid. Don't be a jerk! Don't be an elitist, don't get mad if we wipe its part of raiding.
  • Be prepared to do what your told. The raid lead will go over the way he expects the fights to be done before hand and after any wipes. Listen and pay attention to him.
  • Be able to raid.... The WHOLE raid time.... Show up before the raid starts, and be prepared to stay a little bit after raid time. Invites go out a half hour before raid time. If you will be late please contact the raid lead. Frequent lateness or absences will not be tolerated. You are basically no good to the team if you are not there.
  • Have the proper software installed "see below"

Most of these should go without saying and be common knowledge for any raid team. Its basicly: Show up, be prepared, know what your doing, and have fun.


It is also required to have Teamspeak 3 installed and set up before raid. Teamspeak server info is in the guild information tab in game. 

It is also highly recommended to have the following addons to help and assist you during the raids:

  • ElvUI - A highly customizable Game UI replacement, this addon replaces several other addons.
  • GTFO - This simple addon makes anyone a better raider by playing a buzzer sound if you are standing in stupid "Fire, purple puddles, anything that is not good to stand in"
  • BigWigs Boss mods - Just like DBM, Voice Boss Mods, or any other boss mod. You should only have one installed and this is the one that the raid lead uses, you can have any that you like as long as it works.
  • Skada - Damage meters, healing meters, meters and more meters.... or recount that works too. kinda lol.


This is by no means a compleat list of requirements or software and obviously some things may change when the expansion goes live. This is just what is recommended and the minimal requirements you must have to raid with us. We are here to have fun and kill bosses. Anyone is welcome to join in the fun. We are always looking for great raiders and fun people to play the game with. So if you think you have what it takes and what to be a part of the Strength In All raid team, the be sure to LET US KNOW!


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