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re: Guild Update January 2015


The guild has recently started using EPGP as the method of loot distribution and it seems to be working out rather well. We will continue to refine our use of this going into the future. If you have any ideas or thoughts about this feel free to leave a comment or contact me in game. This is still somewhat of a work in progress but by the time the next raid comes out on Feb 3 we should be ready with a set stable system for the loot.

I have added a link to the web log of loot on the links list if anyone wants to see the standings as of today "1/20/2015" you can click here.I will try to upload the standings at least once a week but chances are I will miss it every now and then. Also since it will only be updated once a week it will most likely not be the current values. But it is a good history and also to see how the system really works. It is also a way to keep track of what loot you have received.

With our recent progress in Highmaul I have uploaded our first boss kill videos - from tank pov for the following bosses: 

You can view these fights from the links above or by visiting my youtube channel. I also updated the guilds wowprogress stats and linked the videos on there as well.

As we continue to raid I would still like to stress the importance to everyone to show up as much as your real life will allow you to. EPGP works great at showing who is showing up and who is not. Not only will you not get as much loot. But as we continue to move towards a mythic raid team, we most likely will start cutting people from the raid team who do not show the effort and determination that it takes to be on a serious raid team. We have many more obstacles ahead of us and we need the best of the best in order to overcome them. 

We are also still looking for more raiders to fill the few gaps we have to building a rock solid 20 man mythic team. If you want to raid mythic raids we need mythic raiders. The team will not build itself it takes everyone in the team working together to achieve this. Everyone needs to be helping to recruit, everyone needs to be studying the fights, everyone needs to be pushing there toons to the limit. That is what it takes to down bosses and that is what I am looking for in my raiders.

Good luck to everyone stay warm and have fun. Black Rock Foundry is almost here. Lets get the most out of Highmaul while we still can!



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