We use EPGP as our primary loot distribution method for the guild raid team. Below is some info about EPGP along with some links for downloading the addon and learning more about how EPGP works. Also is a list of our current EP rates for common things that will happen on a daily basis in the raids. GP is calculated by the addon by using a fancy formula to determin what an item is worth.



EPGP explained at: http://www.epgpweb.com/help/system

EPGP stands for Effort Points "EP" and Gear Points "GP". It is a verry simple way of determaning who to give loot to based on the amount of effort they put into the raid. You gain EP for attending raids and killing bosses. You gain GP by reciveing loot. The prioity "PR" is determind by dividing the EP and GP. So if you have been attending the raids and havent gotten loot for a while you would have high priority.




Guild members are NOT required to use the addon. You can however download it if you would like to see what your priority is, with out having to ask a raid officer.

During the raid a normal roll window will pop up for each item and you just click on the dice "NEED" if you wish to get that item as a main spec upgrade or on the coin "GREED" for offspec. This is done using the default wow UI and nothing extra is needed. The raid lead will then determin who has prioity and will distribut the loot and award the GP.

The addon will show what each items GP is in the item tool tip when you mouse over an item. It will also show the list of guildmembers and the priority for everyone so you can see who is ahead or below you in priority.

EPGP Addon can be downloaded at: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/epgp-dkp-reloaded


Current EP awarded for:

Our current rates for EP as of 6/20/2015 this may change before site is updated. So always ask a raid officer if you have any questions.

  • Showing up and being ready and in the group ON TIME = 100 
  • Every half hour of raid time = 100
  • Killing a boss that is on "Farm" = 25
  • Killing a Normal difficulty Progression boss = 200
  • Killing a Heroic difficulty Progression boss = 300
  • Killing a Mythic difficulty Progression boss = 500
  • Killing any boss that has an exceptionaly high difficulty or long progression "end boss" at raid leads discresion = 500


This gives a total of 600 per day / 1800 per week for just attending the 3 full hours each day.

2100 per week for showing up on time and staying the full duration.



Each week on Tuesday before the raid begins the EP & GP will be Decayed by 20% this prevents members from aquireing large ammounts of EP or GP and then saving it for later use. It also prevents inactive members from keeping EP when they are not active.


Offspec rolls

Any OffSpec gear that you wish to roll on will be give at a reduced rate of 25% of the origional GP for that item. This is to allow members to gear an offspec with out worrying about not getting main spec gear when they need it. It also prevents members from hording the gear.


Smart Upgrades

GP is awarded when you recive an item. For this reason you should always know what items are GOOD upgrades and what items are only slight upgrades and you should be prioritzing the GOOD upgrades for yourself. Not just rolling on anything that has an ilvl upgrade. It is recomended that members keep a list of BIS gear for there main spec for the current raid so they will quickly know what gear is best for them and what gear they may wish to pass on and let someone else recive. Although an upgrade is an upgrade you should always be trying to get Stat upgrades for your spec not ilvl upgrades for any item.



To be fair when we use non guild members "pugs" in the raid we will count the pugs /roll first then guild priority second so if the pug is the highest roll for that item they will recive it, if not then the EPGP prioity will be used to determin who gets the item.


As always if you have any questions about EPGP or the way we will be using it in raids please ask Downwind or any raid officer.