Ranks are given to those who earn them, you can not buy, beg, plead, or threaten your way to a higher rank. For repair and guild bank access info for each rank please look at the info tab on the first “Free For All” page of the guild bank in game.


Guild Master “Ruler of All”  

Runs the guild, leads the raids, maintains the guild bank, website, facebook page, wowprogress page, vent server, and twitch.tv streams. Promotes members based on their guild and raid activity. Has final say in all matters. Continues to drive the progression of the raid team and the guild.

Raid Officer

These are raiders who help to organize the raid. Provide the raid with flasks, food, enchantments, and other materials to progress the team. They provide guidance and advice to all members of the team to help improve survivability and performance. They help lead the team during the raid and also help to ensure each night is a productive and successful raiding experience.

Recruitment Officer

These members are responsible for finding and evaluating new members to join the team. They will have a proven record of being able to recruit new valuable talent to the guild and are in charge of the trial period for the new members. They help to make decisions on who will make the team and become a raider.


670+ ilvl. Top raiders in the guild who are on the CORE raid team. These raiders have contributed a lot of time to the guild and have the skills necessary to raid. They attend and show up on time for the majority of raids, perform their roles to the highest quality and know the encounters. Raiders are expected to keep a 90% or greater attendance to guild raids. Raiders should be equipped properly and know the mechanics of the fights we will be attempting.


These are members of the guild who are max level participate in guild activities and groups and contribute to the greater good of the guild. Also alts of raider ranks and potential future raiders and past raiders who are not currently on the raid team.

Trial Raider

These are new members recruited to the guild for the purpose of joining the raid team. While in this rank new members must show the team there skill and dedication to the guild in order to be promoted to full time raider.

New Member

This is the entry lvl rank, new members start here and work there way up.



The ranks are current as of 6/20/2015. Ranks may change before website is updated.